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Six Ways Good Copywriting Can Help Boost Your Brand

You know your brand is brilliant but how to communicate this to the widest audience possible? You need a wordsmith, or more specifically a good copywriting service based in Dubai.

1. Create A Buzz

A skilled and experience copywriter based in Dubai can help turn virtually any brand or product into something eye-catching by accentuating the positives and by choosing the most colourful and vibrant language in the form of website copy, blogs and press releases that will create a buzz around your product.

2. Cut Through The Waffle

Hiring an English copywriter in Dubai will ensure that the advantages of your product will be shouted from the rooftops in clear, concise and reader-friendly English that will cut through waffle and make it accessible to everyone, be they old customers or new. The expertise a trusted English copywriter in Dubai will have means they can instantly snuff out any embarrassing typos that could harm your image and prestige.

3. Push The Right Buttons

A good, reliable content writer in Dubai will have a deep insight into the minds of newspaper editors and will know what buttons to push. A good news story involving your business can help elevate it above your competitors and bring positive publicity and kudos.

4. Go Local

Being local is a huge plus and dealing with a content writer who is based in the UAE means having immediate access to them rather than having to wait for someone in another time zone to start their working day.

5. Get An Outsider Perspective

A freelance copywriter in Dubai can bring an outsider’s perspective to your brand and spot a USP that maybe you have not spotted yourself or delve deeper into your product’s benefits that will connect more with customers.

6. Finger On The Pulse

A content writer in Dubai will always have their finger on the pulse of social media and will be in a strong position to refine your marketing strategy with carefully placed but effective posts.

About The Author

Inga Louisa Stevens is a Dubai-based freelance copywriter, editor and journalist and communications consultant creating copy, writing features and producing industry reports on a wide range of topics, and spearheading PR campaigns across a full spectrum of industries including healthcare, life sciences, MICE, real estate, aviation, technology, banking, finance, fashion, F&B, and more. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism and operates under a Sole Proprietor Business Licences granted by Media Zone – Abu Dhabi.

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