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How To Select A Freelance Copywriter

There will be a time when your company needs to tell the world about a new product, project or event, regardless of whether you are a new business, an SME or a major company operating in the Middle East.

Communication Is Key

If you want that message to be communicated efficiently and effectively you will need to find a reputable and reliable copywriting service in Dubai that can deliver that bespoke service. That could include anything from press releases, speeches and blogs to website copy and social media content. You may want a complete communications strategy solution that includes all of those things.

First of all you will want a content writer or a freelance copywriter in Dubai who understands exactly what it is you are trying to communicate and can turn around your copy requests very speedily, accurately and persuasively.

Specialist Or Generalist?

You may find that there are content writers in Dubai who specialise in certain industries and others who are more general. Both have their advantages. A copywriter in Dubai who specialises in your particular business will already be familiar with your demands, industry terminology and target audience. They may however charge more for their services and have a busy schedule.

Those content writers in the UAE who are more general are no less talented writers and can bring a different ‘outsider’s’ perspective to your business and unearth sales elements that the specialists may have disregarded. They will also charge less.

Writing Excellence

Finally you will want to choose a copywriter in Dubai who can excel at both sales copy and content writing. The former will want to persuade the reader to purchase your product and the latter will produce eye-catching articles and blogs for your website that readers will want to share.

About The Author

Inga Louisa Stevens is a Dubai-based freelance copywriter, editor and journalist and communications consultant creating copy, writing features and producing industry reports on a wide range of topics, and spearheading PR campaigns across a full spectrum of industries including healthcare, life sciences, MICE, real estate, aviation, technology, banking, finance, fashion, F&B, and more. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism and operates under a Sole Proprietor Business Licences granted by Media Zone – Abu Dhabi.

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