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Remedies For Improving Your Marketing Content

Content Marketing in Dubai

Content marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies you can use to pique customer interest and improve sales but the key to success is to provide quality content.

Creating lively and engaging marketing content can initially seem like a big ask but employing the services of an experienced content- or copywriter in Dubai can make that goal so much more achievable.

Stick To The Point

If it means improving business and margins, it is well worth looking for a specialist who can sort through the sales jargon and focus on your outstanding features and core values. An experienced content writer in Dubai will be able to keep your message on-topic, clear and concise.

If a potential customer has gone out of their way to find your content and learn more from it, they are entitled to be presented with something that absorbs and engages them. They do not want the reading experience to be bogged down or side-tracked by irrelevant details. Paragraphs must be kept short and snappy, language must be accessible and unpretentious.

Mind Your Language

A good content writer in the UAE will read their articles out loud to make sure they sound smooth and natural to experts and non-experts alike. Naturally they will double check grammar, spelling and punctuation. Nothing will undermine the credibility of your message more than poor grammar and spelling.

Your content must be pro-active. It must encourage readers to go away and act on what they have read and make them come back for more. It also helps to build trust and brand loyalty.

Every Picture Tells A Story

Add images that have emotional appeal and will create an impact with customers who will then be more able to relate positively to the content. Articles with images get countless more views than plain text-only articles. Ask your freelance content writer to put together an infographic for you. Watch your customer engagement increase exponentially.

About The Author

Inga Louisa Stevens is a Dubai-based freelance copywriter, editor and journalist and communications consultant creating copy, writing features and producing industry reports on a wide range of topics, and spearheading PR campaigns across a full spectrum of industries including healthcare, life sciences, MICE, real estate, aviation, technology, banking, finance, fashion, F&B, and more. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism and operates under a Sole Proprietor Business Licences granted by Media Zone – Abu Dhabi.

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